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Digital Finance: Value Creation

For the past several years, investors have once again been large buyers of companies with fast growth and high uncertainty - especially Internet and related technologies. The rapid rise of many such stocks, underpinned by the digital transformation acceleration as a result of Covid-19, raised questions about the disconnect in the stock market that appeared to assign higher value to companies the more their losses mounted.

This module aims to provide more precise valuations critical to investors, and how to adapt well-established valuation principles for high-growth companies and tech start-ups. The core principles of economics and finance apply even in uncharted territories.

Participants will learn about concepts of value creation and understand valuation techniques, including a recent IPO valuation case-study to solidify the key takeaways.

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  • Manhattan - New York
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This course is also available in London Time Zone and Singapore Time Zone

Who The Course is For
  • CEOs, CFOs, COOs
  • Investment bankers
  • Management consultants
  • Financial analysts
  • Institutional investors
  • CFA candidates
Learning Objectives
  • Understand shareholder value creation and the core value principle
  • Identify the key drivers of investment returns with excel
  • Analyze valuation techniques for high growth companies and start-ups
  • Learn about venture capital and financing structures
  • Solidify key takeaways using a recent IPO case study
Prior Knowledge

Participants are not required to have specific prior experience of any of the subject areas. More experienced individuals will be able to build on their knowledge through practical, current case studies.

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