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Andre Horovitz

photo Andre Horovitz

Andre Horovitz is the Founder of Financial Risk Fitness and has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Mr Horovitz started his banking career at Lehman Brothers, where he was responsible for pricing, developing hedging strategies and marketing exotic interest rate derivatives. He subsequently held senior executive positions at Oliver, Wyman & Co., Commerzbank, HVB Group (currently part of Unicredit), Nagler & Company and was Chief Risk Officer at Erste Bank and Credit Suisse. 

He is a frequent speaker at conferences and a contributor to various industry journals. His areas of expertise cover all classes of financial risk management including overall institutional strategy.

Mr Horovitz holds an Engineering Diploma in Hydraulics from The Technical University Bucharest and an MBA in Finance from Stern Business School. He is also a certified GARP Financial Risk Manager (FRM).


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