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Jan De Spiegeleer

photo Jan De Spiegeleer

Dr Jan De Spiegeleer is a co-Founder of RiskConcile a risk management advisory firm based in Lausanne. From 2007 till 2015 he was the head of risk management at Jabre Capital Partners, a Geneva-based hedge fund.

Jan gained extensive knowledge of derivatives pricing, hedging and trading while working for KBC Financial Products in London, where he was managing director of the equity derivatives desk. He also ran his own market neutral statistical arbitrage hedge fund (EQM Europe) after founding Erasmus Capital in 2004.

Jan holds a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering (Royal Military Academy- Brussels - Polytechnic Division – 1988), an MBA (KU Leuven – 1994) and a PhD in mathematics (KU Leuven – 2013).


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