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Webcast: Convertible Bonds & Hybrids - Investments, Valuation, Strategies and Risk Management

Speaker: Dr Jan De Spiegeleer

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Webcast Agenda

  • Hybrid Assets 
  • Contingent Convertibles 
  • Valuation of CoCo Bonds 
  • Corporate Hybrids 
  • Convertible Bonds 
    • Advanced Convertible Bond Features
    • Convertible Bond Market
    • Convertible Bond Valuation


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the working of the market for hybrid bonds
  • Gain insights into the basic valuation and risk principles of hybrid debt
  • Learn the different valuation models for CoCo bonds
  • Understand different numerical approaches to study convertible debt



1.What is according to you the biggest risk in convertible bond investing?
A. See video at 30:53.

2.Isn’t the timing sub-optimal to invest in converts? For example, rate curves are increasing, quantitative easing has stopped…
A. See video at 32:28.

Thank you to those attendees who submitted their questions.

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