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Macroeconomics Theory - Part I

Price: £206.00

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Teacher: Rupesh Tailor
Length: 1 hour 43 minutes
Course access period: 6 months




This macroeconomic theory course covers

  • Key issues in macroeconomics
  • How the economy works and economic accounting
  • Aggregate Supply curve
  • Aggregate Demand curve
  • Theories of Consumption
  • Theories of Investment
  • Current Account and Balance of Payments
  • Global Economic Imbalances
  • Public Budget
  • Fiscal Policy, Budget Deficits and Surpluses
  • Government Interactions with Private Sector

Who this course is for

  • Fixed Income and FX Sales and Trading
  • Equity Sales and Trading
  • Portfolio and investment managers
  • Fund and wealth managers
  • Bank treasury and liquidity managers
  • Risk managers
  • Central Bank and Government Funding managers

Prior knowledge

Basic understanding of Capital Markets at the level covered in extensive detail in the London Financial Studies Capital Markets Fundamentals course.